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How Much Could You Save With Solar Panels?

About Solar Panels

The solar revolution of the last two decades has made solar energy an increasingly powerful force in the energy arena. Solar Panels use arrays of solar photovoltaic cells to convert photons into usable electricity. With solar panels, we are provided with clean, renewable energy from the sun. Click below to navigate through our general solar panel information guide and read more about how solar panels work, how they are made, and how they will help with your energy efficiency.
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Solar Panel Installation

You can purchase solar panels from a variety of solar panel producers, including Sunwize, Evergreen, and Mitsubishii Electric. Prices change constantly, but a good solar panel report comparing cost/kilowatt is available here.
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Hot Water Panels

Solar hot water panels are a means to harness the sun's energy in a unique way. Like traditional solar panels, solar hot water panels are placed in direct sunlight, oftentimes arrayed on rooftops, like in the photograph below:
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Find out How Much you Can Save with Solar Panels
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